What is your handwriting personality?

Have you ever looked at the way you write or at your friends handwriting and wondered, what it meant if you had a very nice handwriting and they had a messy one? Did you know that the part of your brain that controls your handwriting is also responsible for your personality?

The way you make your signature and write your letters whether small or large, dark or light, curved or angled, it gives great insight into a person's character and their capabilities. Handwriting reveals a lot about your temperament and nature.

Personality traits like honesty, communication abilities, creativity, emotional reactions and self-image can easily be determined by just analyzing your handwriting.

We can also analyze handwriting to reveal ones social skills, shyness, outgoing nature, confidence levels goal setting abilities among a huge number of other personality traits.

So based on your personality, if you are looking to discover whether the other person is a compatible lover or if someone is a suitable employee just choose from any of the 6 different types of analysis we provide: